It is essential to make sure your furry friend has the exercise they need, and sometimes you might not be able to get it for them. You might have a job or not enough time to take your dog out on a walk, but there are other ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. You could hire a dog walkers to take your dog out during the day to keep them properly exercised.

The average price for a dog walker would be around $15-$18 for a half-hour and $20-$30 for a full hour. Some dog walkers are more experienced than others and can handle different situations and certain dogs. Some dog walkers are specifically taught to leash your dog when you can’t. Others know how to handle different situations. For example, if another dog off-leash is racing toward your dog or if there are other distractions for the dog. Some other things would make this price so high.

Amount of dogs

Some dog walkers will only take one dog at a time, and you will have to pay for two services; however, some are more expensive because they can have more than one dog on the walk. It will be better for the dog walker if your dogs are already trained for the walk.

Type of dogs

The type of dog can mean the breed or the dog’s temperament. This can be the difference between having a fantastic walk and the whole thing being a disaster. Some dog walkers might not agree to walk certain breeds unless fully trained. If the dog is too big and not thoroughly leash trained, it will be harder for the dog walker to give the dog the best experience. Some walkers have more experience and know more about training the dog themselves. These dog walkers will be more expensive, especially if your dog isn’t already trained. Some dog walkers you can hire to leash train your dog for you, but these services will likely be twice as expensive as a regular walker.

Time of day

Some dog walkers will only come early in the morning because that is when the heat is less intense. It depends on the weather and the person that is walking the dogs. Some people can’t handle hot weather and would instead come early in the morning, but some people can go any time of the day. When searching for a dog walker, consider how your dog may feel as well. If you’ve been searching for Goldendoodle puppies for sale, consider how your new puppy may feel; long-haired and curly-coated dogs may have a harder time going out in extreme heat anyways.


Location is a significant thing to consider. If your dog walker has to travel back and forth to your house, it may cost a little more for the gas money. It is best to find a dog walker in your area and wouldn’t have to travel so far to walk your dogs.

What are some things that could lower the cost?

The price for a dog walker can get pretty expensive, but there are some things you can do to try and get that cost a little lower. Some things you can do are, 

Make sure your dog is ready.

It takes time to get a dog ready for a walk. If the dog walker is coming right after you leave, you can wait a little longer for them to get there and have your dog ready to go out the door when they get there.

Join a monthly service.

Many dog walkers lower the cost for people who join a monthly service. They may get discounts because it makes the scheduling easier when they are a part of a monthly service. The walker already knows what to plan on, and your dogs will understand them and be used to having the same dog walker around.

Train your dogs.

It makes it easier for the dog walker if your dogs are already leash trained. If you find a dog walker you want to train for you, that is great, but it makes it a lot easier for them if they are already somewhat trained.

Shorten the distance.

Driving to the customer’s house takes time, and gas prices are ridiculous nowadays. The time they spend driving to your house could come out of the time they walk your dog. Finding a dog walker in your local area is best to shorten the driving distance.

It may be hard to get your dog the exercise they need. But not to worry, some people make a living by doing just that. Once you find the perfect dog walker, you likely won’t turn back even with the rising expenses!

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