The wedding ceremony of a Pagan signifies the union of two people in a loving and equal relationship. As a result, their vows are more genuine and distinctive than oaths taken at other weddings because they place more value on vows made to one another.

 During the ceremony, the couple should consult with the officiant, Priest, or Priestess regarding the vows. “Handfasting” is a ceremony in which the couple swears their love to each other in front of the ceremony’s Gods and Goddesses. This guide is all about Pagan wedding dresses in detail.

Types of Pagan wedding dresses

·        The modern pagan

It is a new take on the pagan style, for today’s modern bride. The dress might be simple white with a few elements of nature or Celtic knot work.

A low-key approach is perfect if you want to reflect on the old ways while still staying true to yourself.

·        A bohemian style

It is a more free-flowing style, perfect for a pagan ceremony outside. There are a lot of lace, chiffon, and earthy colors in this style.

An outdoor wedding in this style is perfect for people who want to embrace their Wiccan or pagan spiritual side. 

·        The Gothic style

It’s perfect if you want to show off your darker side! This is the stuff of priestesses and pagan queens!

The colors are usually black or darker and are detailed and dramatic.

This is the style for you whenever you want to make a bold statement with a fairytale feel. See more gothic elegance on our gothic wedding dress blog if you love this style!

·        Classical Celtic / medieval

Think Game of Thrones, this type of pagan dress is more traditional than you’d find in ancient Celtic and medieval periods.

Simple designs, velvets, and cotton with long sleeves are the things to look for.Traditional pagan ways are what you should embrace if you want to welcome them indeed. 

Colors of Pagan wedding dresses

The guests at Pagan weddings wear white or black, unlike traditional weddings, which are often prohibited and resisted. Although you should speak with the couple to determine whether they think white dresses or all-black suits with pants are appropriate colors for the ceremony, don’t be surprised if the couple suggests these colors. Additionally, Pagan weddings often feature shades of yellow, red, orange, green, brown, or purple. Pagan weddings usually occur outside, and these colors are reminiscent of nature.

Top 3 best Pagan wedding dresses ideas

1.     A Medieval Dress with a Corset

Your dress will be tightened in the bosom by this gorgeous corset. This fancy decision will make you highly effective and suitable for girls with unique personalities. Therefore, medieval dresses with corsets are precisely what you need for your one-of-a-kind experience.

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The dream of a bridal gown laced in a tight corset is the stuff of fairytales and dreams. Your waist is honed as a toy as they are tightly twisted around it. Dresses with corsets are a great way to fascinate all your guests at your wedding. A braid crotched satisfactorily recall ancient times of courageous knights, kings, and court ladies. 

With a company that loves history, you will enjoy a medieval-styled celebration.

2.     Middle Ages red bridal gowns

With its medieval gown, you are transformed into a beautiful lady of the noble antique age. Cardinal, carmine, and cherry colors evoke adoration and respect. A glaring red can be breathtaking, so wear an A-line dress to your heart’s content.

The scarlet red color of the Basque waist will make it incredibly sexy and seductive. Alternatively, an antique caparison would make an excellent addition to a red gown. You can adorn your shift with a lot of ornamentation so it will catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Red also goes perfectly with sparkling large-size wedding dresses. Be sure to add some massive embellishment to your gown to grab the attention of everyone.

3.     Bridal dresses inspired by Vikings

On the ground that you disagree with the idea of a classic wedding dress, you may be inspired by the adventurous views of Vikings and Celtic warriors. Due to the attention paid to the minor details, this finery gains maximum attention. It always causes a good reaction when Viking bridal costumes are accompanied by positive imagery. You won’t be scared off by the beauty of decorative characters.

Hippie wedding dresses are perfect for those who are open-minded. With mesh hemlines and mesh appliques, a lot of attention is drawn to them. Grandiose fabrics will wake up your senses. Be a part of your ancestors’ culture by choosing the best traits and traits that they embodied. A united wedding party can benefit from pagan glory. A more risky style can be developed instead of sweet flowers and girlish drapery.

What Happens At A Pagan Wedding?

American Weddings Blog by American Marriage Ministries describes the elements of a Pagan wedding as follows: 

  • There is also an altar with offerings near the officiant, which are used in the couple’s unity ritual
  • A reading, poem, song, and other joyful reading can be done by the officiant and guests
  • Traditional handfasting and vow exchanges, sometimes with ring exchanges as well
  • There is a sacred circle around the officiant and the couple; guests gather in a circle around them
  • The officiant will create a spiritual circle, calling on the gods, goddesses, and spirits embraced by the Pagan religion

There are several ways in which a Pagan handfasting can be performed, depending on what the couple wishes. A legal marriage is possible. A civil union or traditional law commitment ceremony can be achieved. It may be a kind of trial marriage for couples interested in easing into marriage. Weddings can be formal or informal.

It can be led by an officiant, a member of the Pagan clergy, a friend, or even as a self-uniting ritual. It can sometimes be challenging to find clergy members who are also legal officiants due to our religious body’s small size.

Therefore, Pagans seeking legal marriage will often “get legally married” before or after the ceremony. The local clerk’s office or another government-designated office will handle the legal paperwork and requirements.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you dress for a pagan wedding?

Your Pagan wedding invitation will likely give you a hint, but traditional suits and cocktail dresses probably won’t be worn by your guests. It is a good idea to have an outdoor wedding. Natural fibers and earth tones with a splash of color are a good choice when in doubt.

What is the spiritual significance of wearing a wedding dress?

The dream of wearing a wedding dress means that, if you’re single, you’ll get married and make a happy family. Your home will be a place of peace and understanding if you are married, and the prospect of seeing yourself in a wedding dress will be the harbinger of this.

How does a Pagan handfasting ceremony work?

An ancient Celtic handfasting ritual involves tying two hands together to signify the bind between two lives. Even though it is mainly invoked during Pagan or Wiccan ceremonies, it now appears in secular and religious vows.

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