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The world is evolving and so are the protection methods. In the past safety devices were aimed at children and seniors, but today even adults use them frequently. Learn what personal security devices are and how they can help adults living and commuting alone.

Definition of Personal Security Devices. How Do They Work?

Personal safety devices are gadgets or applications that can be used to monitor the state of one’s well-being. It is an affordable and time-saving solution for people living, commuting, or traveling alone.

Safety devices are targeted toward different demographics. Depending on their use scenario they use different mechanisms of work. The primary goal is to let the list of pre-determined contacts receive a signal for help from the user. The device detects the signal for help by different means. Here are some of the features they use:

Emergency Call Button

The emergency button is a feature used almost in each safety device today. The idea is to get assistance from trusted friends, family members, or special services with a push of a button. It is a basic feature for any emergency and even smartphone OSs let you use it by default.

Fall Detection

Fall detection helps people with disabilities to ask for help in case they are injured and can’t get up. This is a relatively new technology that uses acceleration and gyroscope sensors. It calculates the movement speed and velocity of the user to detect if they have fallen. 

Inactivity Monitoring

Inactivity monitoring lets the user set certain parameters and trigger the SOS alarm automatically. It is a handy way to help your loved ones who are not able to call for help themselves.

Why Do Adults Also Need Such Devices?

Historically personal safety devices have been more targeted at children and seniors. These age groups are indeed most vulnerable to the dangers, but the trends are changing.

Modern technologies are affordable and remain completely hidden. That’s why adults who care about their safety can set them up once and remember about these only if the need arises. Moreover, many safety devices don’t track the location all of the time leaving space for privacy.

Adults are less likely to get in danger than kids and seniors, but still, there are many scenarios when a personal safety device can come in handy. You could use such a device:

  1. When traveling alone.
  2. When living alone with a medical condition.
  3. With a Tinder hookup.
  4. Coming back home late in the evening.
  5. During a physical assault or robbery.

Types of Safety Devices for Adults

You can ensure personal safety at home, outside or at work. There are devices and systems that will let you do that no matter the location:

Personal GPS trackers

Real-time location tracking is a good way to ensure your safety in a life-threatening situation. A portable tracker can help if you are lost during traveling or if you’ve got in a street assault. The best tracking devices only save the location several minutes before the SOS signal was triggered, so privacy won’t be an issue.

Home Security

Homicide and robbery won’t be an issue with an advanced home security system. It usually comes with a variety of safety devices, cameras, and sensors to ensure top security for the user. Moreover, it protects each family member inside.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphones are an integral part of any adult’s life. We live in an age where not having one is awkward, to say the least. That’s why many adults choose smartphones as their primary safety device. AppStore and GooglePlay offer a variety of applications that can protect one’s safety.

How AllsWell Alert Can Help

Smartphone applications remain one of the most accessible ways to ensure personal safety. AllsWell Alert uses the emergency call button and inactivity monitoring to protect people living, working, or traveling alone.

No matter the age and health conditions AllsWell Alert makes its best to provide you with a fast and stable personal safety application. Try it now with a 30-free demo!

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