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Many people increasingly prefer Kraft packaging as it is easily recyclable and protects the contents inside. It is said to be a self-sealing, moisture-proof, tamper-evident packaging material that has a matte finish. The convenience, usability of these bags makes them one of the most important parts of any industry. Kraft Bags are available in different colors like green, natural, white, or brown, which can be branded with your company name. These bags are mostly used for storing dry food items like pasta, spices, noodles, etc.

This blog will tell you about twelve famous types of kraft box packaging that you will find everywhere in the markets. So, let’s get started!

1) Kraft Mailer Boxes

These boxes are very popular for packaging and mailing. These mailers offer a protective layer to the products packed inside them and also protect them from shocks and fall during transit. These boxes often come with string and ribbon ties for sealing. You can order custom branded boxes with different company names, logos, images, or messages on them.

2) Kraft Stand Up Pouches

Stands-up pouches are gaining immense popularity as they give an option of dispensing content without making any hole in the bag itself since it opens at the top. Such bags are suitable for storing dry food items like pasta, spices, noodles, etc. You can find them in roll form or flat form depending upon your requirements. The benefit of using these pouches is that you can easily fill and seal them using a pouch filling machine. They are cost-effective to design and come with multiple options for customization.

3) Kraft Recyclable Tubes

Packaging companies make these Kraft tubes from quality material so that they can hold heavyweight. These tubes have a glossy look on the exterior surface which helps in giving a professional touch to your advertisements, messages, or business logos. Once you have filled up the tube with desired items, you only need to heat seal its ends so that it’s completely secure without letting anything leak out of it.

4) Kraft Honeycomb Bags

Honeycomb bags give an illusion of wooden crates when stacked together, offering an elegant appearance to your brand packaging solutions. They come in a flat form where you can simply fold them and assemble them. These bags are recyclable, sturdy, and can protect heavyweight items from breakage. The bag comes with a kraft exterior which delivers a rustic yet modern appeal to your fashion packaging requirements.

5) Kraft Corrugated Carton

Kraft cartons are made from 96% recycled material. It holds heavy products so they don’t break or get damaged during transit from one place to another. It is available in different colors such as white, Kraft brown, natural, etc., so you have the freedom to choose the color that fits your product theme perfectly. Once you put your items into the plastic bag, seal its end for safety. That way, nothing will spill out of it while you are sending it from one place to another.

6) Fibre Cone Barrels

Fibre cone barrels are made of paper. They can keep your items fresh longer and also meet all requirements for shipping and transportation. Metal cones are different colors. They are made of paper. The top is sealed with a metal band so it is safe to eat the food inside.

7) Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Brown Kraft paper bags are an innovative way of packaging items, whether they are big or small in size. These open-top bags make it extremely easy for customers to take out what they need whenever they want without having to fuss about heavy-duty plastic foils or difficult ties and knots every time you need access to the contents inside.

8) Square Kraft Paper Box

Square paper boxes are good for packing chocolates, candy, and other small gifts. These boxes will not get squashed or wrinkled when they are shipped long distances to the destination. These items come in easy-to-make boxes that are heavy and made out of paper. You can seal them with either tape or staples. You can also choose to wrap these boxes with decorative wrapping papers for added flair and appeal to your products.

9) White Kraft Tubing (Poly Tubing)

People use a type of tubing called ‘poly’. It can keep its shape even when it is empty. You can put different things in the tubing without it changing shape. You can choose to fill these bottles with anything you want, including but not limited to cosmetics, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals.

10) Clear Poly Bags

Clear poly bags are a good way to show people your items. People will ask questions that you can answer. Do the open house on days people don’t have work. Then they can come. Many e-commerce retailers find these packages very convenient because they can show off the products without actually opening them.

11) Opaque Poly Bags

This is the opposite of what clear poly bags stand for. They are used to protect food from outside factors like water, dust, and light. This is most commonly used for food that will remain fresh and taste good after it has been stored for a while. Many people also want to use opaque packaging instead of clear. This is because they want their products to have a uniform appearance and not be able to see what is inside the package.

12) Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are made from recycled paper with the remains of trees that have been cut down. This type of bag is often used for packaging bread and other baked products because it is strong and can protect against crushing and moisture. If you are looking to buy these boxes, I will suggest to order custom packaging from impressionville. They are best in town and they will provide you up-to-date packaging solution as per you needs. 

Final Thoughts:

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