A big discussion when watching a movie in a group is always the choice of audio, some prefer dubbed films, and others don’t give up watching subtitled movies. You may not know yet, but opting for subtitles can be advantageous. A better option is watching a foreign film with English subtitles. 

Russian or Soviet movies are a popular option, especially for those who love military-themed films. You can also find other genres from the same region. Finding Russian films with English subtitles isn’t that complicated. Some streaming platforms also have built-in functions that allow you to watch movies with subtitles. In this article, we help you understand the benefits of watching Russian films with English subtitles. 

Learning the foreign language

By watching Russian films with English subtitles, you can get to know their vocabulary better, the use of their words, and the application of expressions, as there are now numerous films and series made in Russian.

Another advantage is having access to the practice of conversation in Russian through the films, where it is possible for you to even know local words that were used in the dialogues of the films.

Increased emotions conveyed by the film

Dubbed films lose, on average, 80% of the emotion that the actor conveys in the scene, as a voice actor cannot capture the state of mind the actor was in at the time of recording the scene.

Watching Russian films with English subtitles, you can feel sensations like:

  • Fear;
  • Courage;
  • Sadness;
  • Happiness.

Understand the movie better in its original quality

Many people end up forgetting that movies are made up of:

  • Image;
  • Sound.

Once a movie is dubbed or translated, it loses sound quality, which is yet another reason to watch Russian films with English subtitles.

Better concentration

The concentration applied when watching a Russian movie with English subtitles is at least twice as high as when watching a dubbed one. The explanation for this is simple: you need to focus on keeping your eyes on the scenes and subtitles, which still increases your ability to concentrate and understand the details of the film.

The English subtitles are closer to the original text of the Russian movie

A Russian movie with English subtitles has its text much closer to the original developed for the film than in the dubbing.

The main reason for the loss of content in the dubbing is the ability to adapt the dubbing to the time of the film and the use of terms and expressions that are often native to the Russian language and end up not fitting in a dubbing.

Improve your Russian lingo

You may want to learn Russian for professional purposes or just for fun. Watching Russian movies with English subtitles is the way to go. If you already speak Russian or are learning, know that watching subtitled films can boost your learning, as it is possible to improve your level of interpretation while watching the subtitled film.

Another benefit comes from the different ways of speaking Russian, as some words and terms are specific to each region. If you are looking to learn, even more, know that, through subtitled films, it will be possible.

Better sync

Dubbed films always lack synchrony between the voice of the dubbing actor and the lip movement of the actors, which is a characteristic of the dubbed movie that cannot be remedied.

When you opt for Russian films with English subtitles, you don’t have this problem in synchronization, as you are receiving the original audio of the film. You will also understand everything, word to word.

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