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We all Memorable have those friends that are constantly packing up and going to new cities or countries. They say it’s all for work, but we know the truth. You get to see them once a year at most if you’re lucky, and they leave too fast before you can even say “Bye!”

That’s why this post is here to help you out with your going away present needs! Here are just some of our favorite gift ideas that you can give your friend before they leave, so be sure to read on and find one that suits their needs best!Keep their photos safe in a printable photo book.Treat them with an Amazon Prime membership. Get fantastic farewell gifts ideas for your friends and coworkers.

Best Friend Candle:

Leave A Lesson: Friends are like candles. We go out every now and then, but we need to be with them constantly, so whenever you see a burned out candle, it’s time for a new one.

It’s the perfect gift for anybody who needs time to be alone. Soak in your own time paid for by someone else! Be their “motivator” In everything they do!

Treat them like the Queen of their castle!    This one is especially useful if you’re part of a group (like friends who travel together). There will be others with similar interests, and it’s easy to get distracted

when traveling.

Not That Far Towel:

Travel isn’t always glamorous. They’ll need a towel that can be easily folded, and this is one of the best

there is! It’s not just fashionable, it’s also useful. via Amazon

Show them that they can always be in your hearts.

Macrame Photo Display:

Sometimes, you just love your friends so much that you can’t help but have them nearby. You can say it’s a “gift” if you please, but we all know that friendship bracelets are more than just gifts.

Print Photo Quotes for their Walls:

Encourage them to keep going with Personalized Lessons Plans

This one is super simple to make-up on your own, or you can find a premade one here .  The best thing about this is that it will force them to follow through with it.

Engraved Bamboo Pen:

Chances are that your friend will have a considerable amount of time to think about this gift. Most people use pens and pencils to write with. This pen is made from bamboo, which is a renewable resource, so it can be used for many years without degrading its quality or condition. It has cross-hatching patterns on the surface, giving it depth and dimensionality that can make even ordinary writing look spectacular.

Succulent Gift Box:

Cacti and succulents are relatively easy to grow, and they can thrive in the most unlikely places. This particular box contains a variety of different plants that are sure to brighten up the new home of your friend. The container is made from recycled plastic and other natural materials, so you can be sure that it is safe for your friend to use in any environment.

Seed Paper Pen:

This pen grows into its own plant when planted outdoors somewhere with plenty of sunlight and water. If it is planted indoors, however, it will need to be watered regularly for it to grow properly. It gives you a truly unique style of writing instrument, as well as a decorative plant for your home or office space.

Custom Message Cookies:

This is perhaps the ultimate in edible gifts. The cookies are baked to taste great, while also providing a healthy amount of nutrients. They can be customized with a special message or quote on top or written in frosting. A customized cookie jar can even accompany the cookies as a special gift.

Aromatherapy Diffuser:

When you are stressed out, you will often find yourself unable to sleep well at night. A diffuser is a small device that emits essential oils from plants that have been distilled into them. These oils will scent the air and effectively calm you down, helping you get to sleep faster and more comfortably than you otherwise would have been able to do so without it.

Stamped State Bracelet:

This bracelet is made out of silver, but it is stamped with a certain state’s flag. Even if this isn’t your friend’s favorite state, he or she will still appreciate the gesture. It can be used to pick a random state to represent, or you can use one that he or she loves to express your appreciation even further.

Bottle Opener Keychain:

This keychain is meant to make bottle opening a more convenient and healthier process for any person who uses it. It uses magnets to attach securely to any refrigerator door when not in use, so it won’t get lost in the back of a drawer or tucked away in a junk drawer at home.

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