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It’s wonderful to have some natural light and fresh air coming in through the tops of your double-hung windows. When you draw down your window coverings for privacy, most of them cover the top pane.

You can install versatile plantation shutters or custom roman blinds that open at the top and bottom if you desire privacy without restricting air and light. These double-hung window coverings allow you the most control over your home’s comfort and privacy. In this post, you can learn the best window treatment for double-hung windows. Do you have a double-hung window and are worried about which window treatment will work best?

Maybe you also visited your relative’s and friend’s houses and thought about their stylish, functional window treatments and also thought about how you could change the look of your own house. Read this post for the best window treatment for double-hung windows. 

Consider These Things When You Think About Window Treatment

  • Size of your window
  • Functionality of window
  • Decor of window
  • Budget for window treatment

Don’t worry about all the above-mentioned things. In this post, you can learn easy and low-cost effective treatments for your double-hung windows.

Window Treatment Ideas For Double-Hung Windows

1. Blinds For Double-Hung Windows 

Blinds for double-hung windows assist in controlling the amount of light and heat that enters your home. Blinds can help you save money on energy bills throughout the summer and winter by preventing dust from drifting into your house.

Wood blinds are a classic and timeless option for almost every room in the house. This style of blind for double-hung windows can match any decor and color scheme of your house.

2. Shutters For Double-Hung Windows

Cafe shutters are perfect for those who seek privacy while still enjoying the view outside. Cafe shutters are half-frame shutters that are used on the inside or outside of your home.

When compared to other materials such as wood, composite shutters are quite inexpensive. Composite shutters are beneficial for the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom windows. They’re also good for insulation and can help you save money on heating and cooling.

3. Soft Window Treatment For Double-Hung Windows

Soft window treatment is an excellent choice for double-hung windows and is also affordable. Soft window treatment means that it is made from soft materials or fabrics. This window treatment is also very beneficial, and it works double duty. It increases the space’s visual appeal and also helps to reduce noise.

4. Curtains For Double-Hung Windows 

The curtains are made from a wide range of fabrics. They block light, provide privacy, and protect you from heat. If you are looking for a soft window treatment, then curtains are a splendid choice.

5. Drapes For Window Treatment 

Drapes are also included as a soft window treatment. Drapes are a classic choice. Enhance your space. Drapes also provide a point of interest in your space.


In this post, you learned the best and easiest window treatment for your double-hung windows on a low budget. I hope now you get an idea of how you can treat your double-hung window easily.

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