Throughout history, humans face many diseases and calamities, sometimes we win against them sometimes we got defeated badly. Even by being defeated badly by them we didn’t lose exactly but this defeat gives us an idea of how to overcome meaning we are not losing, we are learning.

Today many are suffering from diseases that are because by harmful UV rays. The damage caused by UV rays depends on the area. Somewhere they are not that harmful but in some specific regions, they are life threatening. They are not just harmful to humans and other living species but also cause high damage to other non-living things like items of furniture, cars, and so on.

So taking precautions is a must. Protecting your house from UV rays is not just a safety precaution, more than that it is your duty as a responsible person. There are many things you can do to protect a house from UV rays but the most important one is to protect it from windows but from here they got to enter. Window treatment is a must for shielding a house from UV rays.

There is a complete range of window treatments that are significantly made to cope with these harmful UV rays.

Note these window treatments are our recommendation it is wise to consult with a professional regarding your issue. We write these recommendations only to give you an idea.

Cellular Shades

How can we ignore this classy window treatment? Like we probably see these on every window treatments guide. They stand out in most of the problems related to window treatments. Like they are one the best window treatments for cold or heat and UV rays prevention, great for making your house elegant and classy effortlessly. They are also budget-friendly or even consider for their durability. Also, they are highly customizable.

The reason for all of their achievements is in their fabric, also their design. They are made out of a kind of a very good fabric design like a honeycomb. They have air pockets that block out heat or cold and especially the UV rays, the fabric is just good enough to make it quite hard for the UV rays to get in and cause damage.

There is an option of double the cells over each other making it harder for UV rays to escape.

Solar Blinds

Blinds are great in controlling the amount of light getting passed through the windows. If the blinds are backed by quality material they surely become great in preventing the interior from the UV rays. 

The problem is solved by Solar Blinds. One of the best in the game. They are made of polyester and fiberglass both are great in blocking the UV rays out.

If privacy is also a concern then do use them while combining with another window treatment that is good for maintaining privacy. There are also customizable options like making their opacity high or low depending on your likes and dislikes.

Curtains and Drapes

Here comes the traditional stuff, still offering that class and grace they always have. They are hard and thick credit to their tightly woven textile. Making it intensely hard for UV rays to pass through, when they are closed they cover all window size better than any else window treatment so no such space for light or UV rays to get in.

And also they are impressively a great décor option for any house or any of the window shapes. They can be customizable but there they become much more expensive than other custom window treatments.

Blackout Blinds

Considerable. They absorb much of the UV rays credit to their blackout fabric. They are good bedrooms for making sleep better and late because they are very at blocking the light hence also maintain privacy at very best. So, considerable.

Multi-layer window coverings

Maybe one window treatment is not enough for blocking out the UV rays but double window treatment over each other is likely to be enough. Do use the multi-layered window treatment but make sure both are good in blocking out UV rays and also both look good and graceful when they combine.

Plantation Shutter

Hard and classy. Adding value to the space. They are entirely made of wood, often with basswood. So when they are closed and have no such gaps between their louvers then they make it impossible for UV rays to escape through them. They are like protection from UV rays at their best. Also, they are great for overall light control and managing privacy just from their louvers.

Additional tips to prevent yourself from UV rays.

Opt for UV protection glasses, eyes are one of the biggest blessings.

Use hats when you are out.Use a lotion to protect your skin from UV rays.