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Digital has created with its rise several new professional profiles. This is why the sector is considered today as promising. However, it is not as easy to penetrate. When you finally find a place there, winning is another challenge. In the lot of complex digital professions is community management. It consists of managing online platforms for companies. Work is therefore a perpetual search for attraction, for innovation. Finding a place there is complicated unless you have the right tools. The list of the best community manager tools is just below.

1-Facebook Business Manager

To this day, Facebook remains the most popular social platform. This means that to reach more people, you have to go through it. The majority of companies know this, their community managers too. The tool is first an improved version of Facebook. The particularity here is that there is more structuring. You have the possibility to separate your personal account from your professional account to work better, better manage your advertising campaigns and better approach others. You administer the activities on several spaces at the same time. This concerns the pages of the company, its customer areas as well as all accounts. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with the people on the different platforms to interact with it.

2-Google Analytics

To use it, all you need is a valid registration and a login code. It is in a way the statistical tool of the web. Normally, the community manager works quietly. It evolves on the web according to the clientele to be impacted and the most influential information. In doing so, he must be able to assess the quality of his work. This then requires the production of certain statistics. Thus, the community manager knows when he is counterproductive and where he should turn to be less so. Each publication or each campaign has its field of waves. It is better to have the right information, the right analyses.

3- Buffer

Looking for a way to efficiently manage the multitude of accounts under your supervision on social networks, Buffer can help well. It is the brand application in the field. In reality, its ease of use wins over the most incredulous community managers on the web. It simplifies the management of social media, data, publications but also platforms. For a community manager, there is nothing better. Even though the free version is limited, it can compete with Agorapulse. In addition, whether you are on PC or directly online on your mobile device, the tool works normally.


As part of the accomplishment of his mission, the community manager may need to extract or dissociate voices from the instrumental to make his edits. This is the main role of the tool . Indeed, is an artificial intelligence-based tool that allows you to extract or unlink vocals or vocal tracks from music during an edit. it is also possible to extract drum tracks, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. With such a tool, you will be entitled in just a few clicks to two different audio files from the basic file.

It is a software that allows you to have a fast and precise extraction of audio tracks. While ripping, you won’t have to worry about the sound quality, because everything is done with artificial intelligence.

5- Combin

Are you looking for a tool that can help you boost one or more Instagram accounts? If so, you have what you need with this tool to grow your community and the number of your followers. Indeed, Combin is an all-in-one software that allows you to increase your visibility on the Instagram social network. You can use it to grow your accounts in just a few minutes a day.

In addition, with Combin, you can do growth hacking, find out who no longer follows your account among your followers , interact with your followers, search for new followers via advanced filters, automate repetitive tasks, comments, likes (Combin Growth ). It can also be used to schedule your posts, reposts and stories on this social network (Combin Scheduler).

Combin is the tool you need to go for if you want to boost the Instagram accounts of the brands that have hired you.

6- TweetDeck

Managing Twitter becomes an easy option with this kind of tool. In fact, TweetDeck positions itself as a leader in its field. It easily meets all the criteria of a post admin. In the list of tools designed especially for Twitter, this is the best. As positive points of the tool, first, we have its efficient ergonomics. This means that the tool easily meets the requirements of its user. Then, TweetDeck helps you to have the list of Tweets in the form of drop-down lists. Finally, teams merge faster thanks to him. Even if there has not been a recent update, the tool remains a reference when it comes to managing Twitter accounts.

7- FotoJet

Have you ever tried several times to work in Photoshop? It certainly didn’t work for you. This complete image creation tool remains a complex tool for beginners. When you want to master it, you have to go to training centers, register for several training modules, and do many exercises.

FotoJet helps you quickly fix this problem. It is a dynamic alternative to Photoshop. In terms of photography, sets, and functions. The tool helps make posts and campaigns. Its use is all the easier as the content created is completely modular according to the criteria of its user.

8- Crello

It is the most popular Photoshop alternative. These users attest to the quality of its content. With Crello, you get the image you want. Start with the funds. It is the basis of all artistic and advertising creation. Apart from backgrounds, there are also shapes, photos to add, fonts to use, and formats to use. Every detail counts to create your post, your image. The innovative character sought when publishing community managers is quickly obtained.

A bonus awaits you on this application. He can make and design animated images. Your post is, therefore, more dynamic and more attractive. It helps you reach more people. Check the impact to understand how this tool can propel you to the top.

9- Hashtagify

Hashtags are part of the daily life of a 21st century Internet user. It is these small, very integrating signs that are designed to bring publications together. Usually, it is difficult to effectively identify, manage and count them to measure their influence.

With Hashtagify, the job is done in just a few clicks. You can partner with well-known publications to boost yours. First, you will have to do a simplified search for good designs through the app. Then you attach them to your posts. Then, you pair the posts. Anyone who wants to have posts from a reputable hashtag will come across your work too. Thus, you increase the visibility of the structure for which you work.

10- Optimizilla

For a download facilitator, Optimizilla is beyond expectation. It easily integrates with several download sites. Its usefulness is proven as it is the faithful companion and the ideal tool for the novice community manager. It helps him access the files wanted for these posts, preferably images. In reality, Optimizilla’s job is to reduce the weight of the images to be downloaded. Let’s just say it’s the ultimate saver. It can become an indispensable tool for a community manager with limited hosting.


Sending emails to customers to tell them about a promotion or a new offer can be exhausting. Mailchimp makes your life easier and helps you accomplish this task.

The positive particularity, in this case, is that when you send an email, you have an acknowledgment of receipt or even a read receipt. You also receive feedback informing you of the degree of interest of the person concerned.


Hootsuite is one of the essential tools for a community manager. Thanks to this kind of tool, you can schedule your various posts on social networks. It is compatible with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tweet, etc. It is a complete tool that companies highly appreciate, and it allows them to assign several people to the management of their social networks.

Hootsuite is available in a free version and a paid version. The free version only gives access to only three social networks and only to a single account, while the paid version allows you to enjoy several features, plan posts, and follow the statistics of each post made.

13- Trello

Trello is one of the best work organization tools that a community manager must-have for managing their projects. Indeed, with Trello, you will have greater ease in organizing your tasks. It is very popular with companies because it allows them to integrate several participants into the planning and management of a project. Trello is available in a free version but with limited features.


Bitly is one of the most famous link shorteners in the world. With this tool, all you have to do is paste the link in the insert provided for this purpose so that the latter automatically generates the shortened link. It also gives you the option to customize your link. Finally, remember that Agorapulse is also integrated into this tool to make management easier for you.


The use of images is very common in a community manager, especially concerning the animation of social networks. However, finding copyright-free videos and images is not an easy task, and it will be necessary to refer to image strips such as Pixabay.

Indeed, Pixabay is a library with several million free images and videos. It offers its large community a variety of themes. Simply type in the appropriate keyword to access the platform’s various proposals to find the image you need. Remember that to enjoy images from Pixabay. You will not need to register.

Indeed, the current list is not exhaustive, but it still presents interesting tools. You have to try them to understand how unique they are.

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