The type of windows you choose for your home is an important decision to make. Windows are considered to be a defining element of a house. Beyond letting in a sufficient amount of light and air in your room, windows are also known to enhance the aesthetic appeal and style quotient of a house. Aluminium window can be both traditional as well as modern since they can be easily customised as per the individual’s preferences.

However, this is not the only factor that should be considered while choosing windows. One must consider other factors as well such as energy efficiency, thermal performance, and light intensity when it comes to deciding the design of your windows. So, before choosing a particular design for your space, you should research and know all your options. 

Today, we will have a look at some of the emerging contemporary yet modern aluminium section window trends that will rule 2022. 

Bring Some Colour 

While the evergreen and elegant combo of black and white frames of aluminium section windows remain the top choice for many, homeowners are now looking up more in the color palette to give a unique touch to their homes. Aluminum being a perfect canvas can help you add some vibrant colors while also giving a high-quality finish for all the powder coating. 

This is the reason why some of the top housing product manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA are utilising high-end cutting-edge technology to offer various colors while also using powder coating such as their patented TEXGAURD coating to maintain excellent color and shine for years to come. 

Experiment With Style

While windows and doors do have a basic purpose, it is also important to consider the aesthetic appeal it has to offer. Aluminium, being a soft yet durable metal can be a great choice when it comes to molding it into different shapes and designs. And with the help of some of the top-notch fenestration product manufacturers, such as TOSTEM India, the imagination of homeowners, as well as architects, has now become a reality.

Thanks to their visually stunning window designs variants such as awning windows, tilt and turn windows, glass-to-glass corner windows, fixed windows, and many more enhance the overall curb appeal of the house while also offering a range of functional benefits.

Wide Panes

Gone are the days when windows used to be a small part of the walls that allowed some light and air into the room. With the ever-evolving lifestyle of people, the expectations of homeowners increased and so has the size of the windows. With wider panes, one can experience expansive views of the surroundings while also letting natural light flood their interiors. This can make the room feel a lot more refreshing and capacious, adding up to the lifestyle. Moreover, large aluminium section windows can also improve air ventilation and can give a soothing effect.


While there are a number of designs available when it comes to aluminium windows, it also has a bunch of benefits. Aluminum is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient metal that is a great choice for both residential and office spaces. We hope that these above-mentioned design trends will help you make a prudent decision and pick the right aluminium window.

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