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Pests bring all kinds of troubles into your home. It does not matter how careful you are about the management and cleanliness of your home, it can still get infested with pests. The ultimate solution is to hire ant control Langley or other specialized services, depending on the type of infestation in your home.

Here are some of the different types of pests that can cause harm to you and your property;


A standard house mouse not only transmits diseases but also destroys furniture, belongings and the structure of the house. As they breed real fast and can give birth to up to 12 pups, they are capable of increasing their numbers quickly. They stay hidden and only come out at night. People usually set up traps for mice at common places of their habitat to get rid of them. Usually a piece of food is kept as a baiting trap so that the mouse can be caught, killed and disposed of.  If a serious infestation of mice has occurred, an exterminator is the best option who can spread poison across the house to kill these mice.


Rat infestation can be serious for both animals and humans as they carry a number of different diseases. They are also a major reason for damage to homes, chewing walls, cables and furniture. Similar to mouse, breeding period of rats is pretty fast too. A single pair of brown rat is capable of producing 2,000 rats a year. To get rid of rats, an entire portion of the house is sealed and the traps are laid with poisonous bait to kill them. Treating a more severe infestation may require multiple attempts.


Squirrels may come inside the house in search of food or shelter. Squirrels usually go to great lengths to build themselves a house inside your home causing much damage to it. Luckily squirrels do not mate as fast as rats and mice or cause any health related problems but they can take over your home quite easily. A common method to draw them out is by setting traps like we do with other rodents. If the proper measures are taken, squirrels are the easiest to get rid of.


Cockroaches are one of the toughest and most resilient pests to defeat. These are winged insects that carry diseases, cause allergies and cause the food to get infected with bacteria. They often make nests in dark places that are hard to find and then multiply very quickly there. This makes it almost impossible to find them and kill them. They are mostly attracted to humidity and food leftovers. So, keeping your living space clean is the first important step in getting rid of these pests. To get rid of cockroaches, they are usually given poisonous baits that they carry back to their nests effectively killing them all.


Not all but some spiders are considered dangerous as they attract other pests and allergies inside the home using their web. These multiply quickly during certain seasons. Some kinds of spiders are fetal and poisonous mostly for children and animals. People usually spray insect repellents to get rid of poisonous spiders.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects. They feed on the blood of their hosts. They usually reside in pillow cases, mattresses and beddings of the host. These are incredibly hard to get rid of. Their biting causes the host to get infected. They travel fast and can spread in the entire building. Pest control services provide excellent help in getting rid of bed bugs.


Fleas have wings and are commonly found in homes that have pet cats or dogs. Fleas might bite humans but their target hosts are animals. They breed frequently with an average life cycle of about three to six weeks. Flea treatment includes spraying, fumigation and temperature treatment. Usually multiple attempts are required to get rid of them completely.


These are small insects that preferably live in large colonies and can destroy whole buildings if left unattended. These insects have special affinity towards wood. Getting rid of these stubborn pests is not easy and might take up to 12 months.There are some DIY methods you can follow to remove them from your home. However, if you’re looking for a permanent solution, contact your local pest control experts at the earliest.

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