Often from inexperienced gardeners you can hear complaints that a cherry, apple or pear tree has completely ceased to bear fruit. Often the true reason for this is illiterate tree care, and not a bad variety, pests or disease at all. In order for your efforts to grow horticultural crops to bear real fruit, they must be constantly taken care of.

Pruning is an agro technical procedure that contributes to the correct formation of the crown of the plant and the preservation of wood, as well as qualitatively and quantitatively improves the Tree services Melbourne fruiting process.

Pruning is carried out both in order to increase fruiting, and for aesthetic, decorative purposes, when it is necessary to give the leafy part of the plant a certain shape, get rid of dry and dead branches. Fruit trees should be pruned at least once a year. In the case of crowning with abundant flowering and tree growth – twice, in autumn and spring. The main procedure for pruning a plant is usually carried out during the “sleep” period – before the start of the growing season.

Why should you turn to professionals?

The trimming procedure is a complex and time-consuming process. If you do not want to risk, much less damage your own garden and lose a bountiful harvest, you should turn to professionals. If you are interested in tree removal services check out Trav’s Trees. It is the professionals in the field of care and care for garden plants that are the employees of the Tree Removal Melbourne Company.

Why is pruning difficult?

Timely and correctly performed pruning is one of the main components of caring for fruit plants. In this regard, each crop and variety has its own characteristics, which depend on several factors: plant age, climate, soil type. For example, if your site is located on the territory of the non-chernozem strip, pruning can be postponed for several months, until the beginning of June. Young trees (apple, pear), as a rule, are pruned in March, adults – closer to the growing season. In addition to the difference in terms, there are also a considerable number of methods and techniques for trimming the crown, which the future gardener will have to master.

In addition to the climate and the plant itself, it is important to have the appropriate equipment in the pruning process. In order to avoid mechanical damage and infection of the tree, only serviceable professional tools that have been properly processed should be used for this agro technical procedure.