Are you a lover of adrenaline and want to experience it? If this is true, the Buran Ghati trip is for you. The journey takes you to the meadows, forests, and mountains. You will be captivated. A stunning view of Dayara glades and snow-capped mountains behind will welcome you. You will be amazed to find such distinction campgrounds that are a delight for shutterbugs.


It is important to remember that you must leave Shimla at the beginning of the day to reach Janglik the next day. No vehicle is available from Rohru to Tangnu after 4PM. To make it to Janglik, you must arrive at Rohru by 4 PM. Transports depart from Lakkar Bazar to Rohru at 7.30 AM, 8.30AM, 11.00AM, and 12.00PM. It takes approximately 4 hours to travel from Lakkar Bazar to Rohru via the narrow mountain roads. We recommend that you use the 7.30 AM or 8.30AM transport, as we have mentioned before. You can enjoy a quick lunch at Rohru before you travel to Tangnu.

Accessibility to Buran ghati

Via Air

Himalayan climbers will tell you that no matter where you are traveling, it is important to reach your destination in two hours or less. The nearest airport to Shimla is Chandigarh. It is located approximately 122km from Shimla. You can book your tickets online from any state to Chandigarh. You may find that the trip to Chandigarh can be expensive. If this is the case, you can either travel to Delhi or take public transport from Delhi to Shimla.

Via Railways

The Kalka Shimla Railway, which is located closest to Shimla, takes regular travelers from Chandigarh and New Delhi. The most popular trains offering rides to Shimla include Shivalik Deluxe, Himalayan Queen and Kalka Shimla Express. It takes approximately 4 hours to travel from Shimla by train. A jeep or taxi can take you to the city in just 32 minutes.

By Bus or Road Transport

There are regular transports from Rohru to Tangnu. At the exit to the transport stand, you will also see shared taxis. The cost of the transport is Rs.70 A common taxi will cost Rs.100-150 depending on how many passengers it can take.

It takes approximately 50km to complete the excursion from Rohru-Tangnu and can take several hours. If you decide to take a taxi common, you will need to wait until the driver has the right number of passengers for your excursion. The excursion continues from Rohru with the expressway to Chirgaon, where you can take a detour off the thruway and travel towards Tangnu. It is very difficult to get to Tangnu in the last two or three hours due to uneven roads. Follow the Pabbar waterway along the main pine and oak backwoods, on both sides of the road.

It is only a short climb from Tangnu to Janglik

The Best Time to Visit

From fifth May through the end of October is the best time to trek the Buran Ghati Pass. It is easy, protected, and you can go anywhere. The trip offers a lot of sights, including snow in May and June. You also get to see plant life that is smaller than you would expect in Switzerland. This makes the trip both challenging and extremely important. This journey should not be considered easy. Buran ghati Pass Trek Month May-June gives Trekkers a unique experience. This is because in May, you start getting snow after Dayara Thach. Buran ghati travel begins in Janglik and ends at Barua Village. street head. The journey is made even more amazing by the combination of snow and plant life in May and June. Traveling is a lot of fun because the weather in May and June are very pleasant and favorable.

These guides are essential for planning any trek. These guides will allow you to plan your Buranghati trek efficiently and make it enjoyable. These are the things that will make your trekking experience at Buran Ghati and in other treks in the future more enjoyable.

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