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Proportional air pressure regulator is more commonly known as IP or EP converter. This is because these electronically controlled pressure regulator tools are used for the simple conversion of high pressure or air into lower yet constant pressure registers. The compressed and lower air pressure is managed with the help of electronic signals given by the operator. The open and close loop control features on these regulators contribute to the accurate management of pressure.

In the past mechanical regulators were used in both large and small industries. But these regulators were not that effective when it came to high-pressure management having fluctuating internal flow. This con of the mechanical regulators led to the invention of digital pressure regulators. Today you can find the electronic proportional air pressure regulator in different applications. 

People are still unaware of the working of digital devices which is why you can see that old pressure regulators are still being used in some of the most advanced applications. In this post, we are going to discuss the functionality of modern regulators.

What is the Primary Function of the Electronic Pressure Control Valve?

As we have told you before the modern proportional air pressure regulator is being used for different kinds of purposes. This is because of their pro functions. Some of the most important functions of the digital air pressure controller tools have been mentioned below:

  1. First you must know that the main function of the air regulators is to reduce the high pressure of gas in a cylinder or pneumatic system. Unloading system pressure without any hassle is the primary function and use of the proportional air pressure regulator.
  2. Reducing the air pressure levels from the inlet pressure valve to the outlet valve going to the subcircuit is also the function of the air pressure regulator. You can lower air pressure that goes up to 3000 PSI quite easily with the help of modern regulator equipment.
  3. Regulating partial pressure in certain parts of the valve is also a basic feature of the electronic air pressure regulator.
  4. A very big con of the mechanical regulators was that they were unable to maintain pressure at a safe level. Using the proportional air pressure regulator would help you maintain outlet pressure at a safe level.
  5. Other than controlling pressure the air pressure control valves can also manage the flow of air or any other fluid in the valve.

You must know that today you can find different kinds of air pressure regulators in the market for different applications. You just have to make sure that you pick the right model that suits your requirements. If you want to enjoy certain benefits of electronic air pressure regulators over mechanical valves then you need to pick the right equipment. You can consult an engineer or pressure regulator manufacturer about the type of regulator you need to get.

Know that the main purpose and function of an air pressure regulators is not just to maintain low pressure but also to prevent damages by providing foolproof safety. 

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