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The first impression visitors to your home make is through your custom exterior door. This means that a simple entrance can significantly impact your day. Whether you have a large, stately estate with an elaborate neoclassical facade or an average suburban home with the standard two-car garage, the key to making such entrances appealing and memorable is in the details. This article will give you all the tricks and tips you need to make your home’s entry more inviting.

1. Layer Up Lighting

When possible, create a separate around-the-door light source from the main lighting of the house that shines directly onto your front door. The lighting in the entryway should be a warm, yellow light to make the area welcoming and inviting. 

Some homeowners may prefer a single light source, but most will use a few rays. It is important to use a small enough fixture that you are not creating an overbearing glow but reinforcing the leading light of your home with a complementary light source so that it can be seen from the outside. You can accomplish this by using either high-powered individual lights or lower-level fixtures spread across the area.

2. Choose Unique Hardware

Homeowners can spruce up their homes’ doorways in no time by simply switching out the old hardware for a new, more attractive option. Instead of using the standard door knob, choose an elaborate keyhole or knocker that adds a classic touch to your entranceway. 

Suppose you plan on investing in a new entryway set with multiple pieces, including a deadbolt and doorknob. In that case, you might consider purchasing replacement locks that match each other perfectly.

3. Add Doormats or Rugs

A simple doormat can be enough to brighten your entire entryway and add a touch of class. Even though it is likely that you have thick carpets, rugs are a great way to make the area appear light and airy. 

Please pay attention to the placement of rugs and mats to ensure that no critical room entrances or doorways have large mats that compete with their decor. Avoid using too large rugs; a good rule of thumb is to choose mats that do not go past the door’s top rail and doormats that don’t extend past the bottom of the door.

4. Infuse Personality With Pictures and Decor

Homeowners can add personality to their entryways with accessories such as pictures, plants, and small ornaments. Pictures are a great way to make your home’s entrance enjoyable because they are a quick and easy way to bring in artwork from the inside. 

Plants add another layer of warmth and should be chosen based on the climate zone of your home. Palms are perfect for tropical climates and ferns for temperate ones. Also, be sure not to over-clutter the area with decor; keep items spaced out so that there is still room for movement.

5. Artistic Touches

If you are concerned about making your home’s entryway too cluttered, consider adding artistic touches that don’t clutter the space. Consider hanging interesting large pieces on the walls or placing them on a nearby wall as accents instead of putting them directly in the entryway. If you have large furniture like an armoire or table, then you can place smaller pieces on these items to save space while lending an artistic touch to your home’s entrance.

6. Decorate With Mirrors

The purpose of mirrors in your home’s entryway is two-fold; they reflect light, which is an instant mood lift, and they create the illusion of space. For example, when you have a minimal entrance with only a tiny rug and doormat, mirrors can help to give the area an impression of width. 

It is economical to create this illusion with just a few mirrors and stands, which will make the space look bigger and more comfortable. Be sure to keep the size of your mirrors small so that they do not take up too much room in the entryway but are large enough to create a sense of space.

7. Consider Counter Space

Consider adding a small square or round hanging basket near the door to help break up the monotony of a long, straight entrance path. The baskets can be made out of many different materials like wood, glass, metal, or ceramic and are easier to care for than other hanging containers. You can also add small tables with similar baskets placed right beside your front door so guests can see themselves in the mirror before they enter.

The appearance of your home’s entryway can have a significant impact on the way visitors feel and on the overall impression that they have of your home. Using these simple tricks and tips, you can save time and frustration while maintaining a level of elegance.