The way the iPhone is getting popular worldwide gives a thought to consider developing an app for a business. With over 900 million active iPhones, it has a 27.47% market share. It clearly shows that you must create an iOS app to target your audience for better user engagement. 

But do you know which tools can help you to develop an iPhone app that can offer you a higher user engagement and ROI? 

No idea? 

Well, don’t worry about it, as here you can find the top IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) that can aid in building robust applications. 

Also, you can create the app of your dreams by collaborating with an iPhone app development company in the USA. The experienced app development company smoothly completes the entire project using the trendiest technologies for app development. The experts use the latest templates, APIs, IDEs, data synchronization, and analytics to make an app top-notch. 

So, before developing your first iPhone application, you must know the best IDEs for your project. And to make it easy for you, here are some best tools for iPhone development. Read along!

Best iOS App Development Tools for Your First App


Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) ‘Xcode’ enables developers to build iPhone apps. Also, it provides a unified process for coding, debugging, designing, and testing user interfaces. Moreover, developers can use it as a graphical tool for creating an iOS app. 


  • Tools for analyzing instruments
  • Single window interface
  • SDKs that are currently available
  • Intelligent source code editing
  • Interface Builder and SwiftUI
  • Compilers for Swift, C/C++, and Objective C
  • Built-in support for Git version control
  • Integrated debugging


When you look for a tool that can compile code flawlessly, CodeRunner is the name you need. The feature that distinguishes it from others is its ability to compile code. The reason being it is famous for building robust and sophisticated iPhone applications. In addition, this IDE supports 25 programming languages making designing and developing an app accessible. 

Every top iPhone app development company USA uses this tool because of its built-in console. Also, it provides a powerful text editor and customizable binding that eases the development process. Its ability to find errors in real-time and design code without interfering with the actual code gives an extra edge for developing an app. 


  • Advanced code completion
  • Live errors and linting
  • Write and run code in any language
  • First-class text editor
  • Built-in console


Built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform, AppCode is an advanced tool for iOS app development. JetBrains launched this tool that uses plug-ins to stretch its functionality. Also, it supports the extension of functions using your own plug-ins. Several programming languages are compatible with this tool, including C++, Objective-C, and JavaScript. 

The significant feature of AppCode is it offers an easy option to write and analyze code. Moreover, it enables you to find the coding errors and helps to fix them in time. It saves lots of time in writing code and resolving code errors. 


  • Built-in tools & integrations
  • Intelligent code assistant
  • Multiple languages – single IDE


It is a free tool for iPhone app development. This Google UI toolkit enables you to develop mobile, desktop, and web applications using a single codebase. Undoubtedly, Flutter is one of the best tools for building iPhone applications. It also facilitates developers to create an app for other operating systems. For an iPhone application, Flutter helps to make a change to the UI. In addition, many app development companies suggest using Flutter for the native performance of an app. 


  • Fast development
  • Free and open source
  • Native performance
  • Expressive UIs

So which tools should you choose for your first app development project?

Now, you must be aware of all the top tools and IDEs for iPhone app development. And it entirely depends on the business requirements and features you want to add to your app. Moreover, consulting an experienced app development company would help you decide your project’s tech stack. 

Still, if you want to minimize the setbacks of your project, you must do thorough research on your product. Research is the key to building an application. And contact the best app development company and create an excellent app. It will help you to grow your business and get the highest return. 

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