We often park our cars in a safe place, keeping all the doors locked, to ensure that thieves and miscreants cannot get into our vehicles or vandalize them. Sometimes, thieves are attracted to car music accessories like expensive stereo systems that cost a bundle. For this, we need electronic accessories for secure vehicles. We can buy such car gadgets online at affordable rates to keep our cars and belongings safe from burglars.

Car theft is becoming a common occurrence these days, and thieves look for popular cars as they are easy to sell them. But electronic accessories are getting more sophisticated to deter thieves and burglars from breaking into our cars. Anti-theft devices are a deterrent to such activities and can keep your car safe.

Electronic Accessories – Anti-Theft Devices to keep your car safe

There are several ways to protect your car such as insurance and parking it in a private garage. But insurance premiums are expensive and you cannot be assured of a parking spot wherever you go. The only other way to secure your car against thieves is with anti-theft electronic devices.

Such devices include alarms, Car trackers, cameras and engine immobilisers. Here are some of the best electronic accessories to secure your vehicle.


If our houses can be rigged with cameras to keep them safe, why not our cars? Dashcams now come with very high resolution to reproduce clear images of any incident. Some cameras come with low light sensitivity to record even in low light conditions.

Cameras have built-in G-force sensors to detect shocks or accidents and will lock onto the area where the force has been detected.

Carlock alert

This is a device that is installed in the car along with an alarm system. The moment the car is broken into, an alert is sent to your smartphone that an incident is taking place.

You will know immediately when your car is being stolen and can take necessary action before a thief makes off with your car.

Car key protector

Modern cars don’t use a physical key to open the door. Instead, they use an RFID remote control to send a signal to the car which automatically unlocks the door. Thieves can copy that RFID tag and use it to unlock the doors when you are away from the vehicle.

A car key protector is an electronic accessory that provides a signal blocker for your remote-controlled key fob. A burglar cannot copy the RF signal to make a forced entry when the car is parked. This device also protects your credit cards and IDs.

GPS tracker

The worst part about your car getting stolen is that you will not be able to get it back. Insurance is a hassle and your expensive car may be gone for good.

To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to have a GPS tracker installed on your car. It can relay the exact location of your car onto your smartphone using Google maps. It is a small electronic gadget that works wonders as an anti-theft device.

Car security alarm

If someone tries to meddle with your car when it is parked, this alarm will activate and send you a notification. At the same time, a very loud alarm will sound to deter the thief from stealing the vehicle.

It allows you to lock and unlock your car to secure it remotely. The device includes a bunch of electronics, a microwave sensor, a shock sensor, a loud siren and LED indicators.

Engine immobiliser

This electronic accessory to secure your vehicle is used to shut down complete engine operation in the event of a theft. It is connected to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which cuts electrical power to vital engine components when a thief breaks into your parked car.

Additionally, it may also lock the steering and ignition system so that the thief cannot hot wire the car physically to get it started. When the engine immobiliser is activated, it is impossible to drive the vehicle away. You can be assured that your expensive car is safe in its parking spot.


There are several anti-theft devices such as steering locks, wheel clamps and pedal locks. But electronic accessories to secure your vehicle are more effective and high-tech methods to prevent thefts. Your car can remain protected from thieves with devices such as GPS trackers, electronic alarms and RFID blockers.

Cars are an expensive product and attract large insurance premiums as a safety net. It makes sense that car owners take extra measures with electronic accessories to prevent theft and vandalism of their vehicles.

An emergency can happen anytime and it is difficult to deal with one when you are away from your vehicle. It is always better to be prepared for someone trying to break into your car or steal an item from the cabin. We hope this list of electronic accessories gives you some ideas on how to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

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