Digital payments have become a significant part of our daily life. From buying commodities to making big purchases, one can pay for everything digitally. One of the popular ways of making digital transactions is to scan and pay using a QR code. The apps offering online payment modes give their QR code to the consumer, scanning which they can complete the transaction. Though the QR code payment has been an option for long, the pandemic and demonetization fueled the fire and boosted its popularity. 

During these life-changing events, digital payments were the only option, so people started using them immediately. However, they soon got used to the convenience these apps offer and started using them out of preference. Their success becomes evident when you see QR codes at almost every shop, whether a mall or a street vendor. 

Reasons Behind the Popularity of QR Payments

There are umpteen reasons for the popularity of QR code payment options. Some of them are as listed below:

  • It is a completely contactless payment method, allowing people to continue shopping abiding by the social distancing norms. 
  • It is a swift and easy-to-learn payment method that anyone can start using without formal training or assistance. 
  • The QR payments offer cashback discounts that reduce the total invoice value. Thus, the buyer gets the chance to shop more by paying less. 

There are countless reasons behind the popularity of a QR payment app. Once you know how it can make your life easy and smooth, you will never want to use any other payment method. So, let us discuss how to use QR codes to make payments.

3 Ways to Use QR Codes for Making Payments

Every user who makes digital transactions knows about this scan and pay option. The payment process is simple; check if the retailer or the business you want to pay has a QR code. Then, choose a UPI payment app having a QR code scanner and use it to scan the code. The moment it reads the code, receiver details will flash on your phone. Verify these details to ensure that payment will go into the accurate bank account. Once you have checked everything, you can proceed with the transaction. Within seconds of confirmation, the amount will reflect in the receiver’s account. Now, there are different ways to make QR code transactions. Let us discuss a few of them in detail. 

Scan Code with the Smartphone

There are multiple QR code scanner applications on the play store that quickly scans the code for you and help you proceed with the payments. They are easy to use, and the interface is also user-friendly. Upon reading the code, you will get the account’s details, and if everything matches, you can pay! 

App Transactions

It is another method of making scan and pay transactions. First, you need to switch to a payment app where you will create your account and link your bank account details with it. Then, you will get an app wallet in which you can transfer the money from your bank account and make payments. The drawback of this mode is that the recipient should have an account in the same app for the transaction to complete. Moreover, the procedure to put money from bank accounts into the wallet and then to the other person is chaotic. 

Use the Payment Apps 

The best way is to use a UPI shopping and payment app where you can do everything using the same interface. Look for an app that has multiple brands listed on it. Start using it to shop things or order stuff online, and in the end, you can make payments from the same platform. Scan the QR code, and it will take you to the payment gateway. Within a few clicks, your payment will be complete.

There are effective ways to make QR code payments conveniently. However, to enjoy the perks like swiftness, payment security, real-time transactions, and much more, one has to be careful with the choice of app. There are plethoras of app options available in the market, but many fail to impress the user. Thus, you should check the credibility of a platform by reading its reviews and ratings to decide which one you can use for your digital transactions. Stay vigilant and make safer transactions to enjoy the perks of digital payment apps.

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