After a long day, all you deserve is a good night’s sleep, but if your bed is covered with a mattress that pinches you from head to toe, life is nothing less than a tragedy. Especially during this season sale, one can’t afford either to sleep less or suffer from backaches, in the worst case. Less sleep means less energy which should not be a hindrance during any festival.

Let us serve your purpose, as Bajaj Finserv EMI store brings you the all-comforting mattresses. Why drape yourself when you can adorn your bed with these Springtek and Duroflex foam mattresses price range of as low as ₹16,933  7000 only. Your search for a sound sleep will be over by the time you scroll to the end of this page.

Here are some of the options which you should consider buying to enhance your sleeping experience.

Springtek Premium 6 Inch PU Foam Single Size Pocket Spring Mattress (Multicolor, 75 x 36 inch): 

Price: 7,799 INR

This single-sized, multicolored mattress has a quilted top with a medium soft comfort level and medium-soft comfort firmness. This springtek mattress is a pocket spring mattress type featuring zero partner disturbance sleep.

Springtek Euro Top Luxe 6 Inch Pocket Spring Single Size Memory Foam Mattress (Multicolor, 78 x 36 inch) : 

Price: 9,199 INR 

The supersoft Springtek mattress is Scientifically designed according to the contours of the body. This temperature adaptable memory foam evenly absorbs and distributes the body weight. The quilted top is not only hypoallergenic but also helps keep allergens and dust mites at bay.

Springtek Premium 6 Inch PU Foam Queen Size Pocket Spring Mattress (Multicolor, 78 x 60 inch): 

Price: 12,999 INR 

This zero disturbance sleep mattress comes with a quilted top. This Queen Size Pocket Springtek Mattress comes with a medium soft comfort firmness and is made up of knitted fabric.

Springtek Premium 8 Inch PU Foam King Size Pocket Spring Mattress (Multicolor,78 x 72 inch):

Price: 16,999 INR 

This Springtek mattress is made keeping in mind the struggle of all types of sleepers to get a sound sleep. Feel the mesmerizing effect of the foam as it makes you dive deep into sleep as soon as you lay on it. Made with a zero partner-disturbing sleep feature, this mattress is made with a pocket spring support layer foam.

Duroflex Liveln  6 Inch HR Foam Double Size Memory Foam Mattress (White, 72 x 48 Inch)

Price: 8,199 INR

This high resilience Duroflex foam mattress gives contouring comfort along with superior support. The cotton mattress comes with an exclusive triple antimicrobial treatment which keeps the mattress fresh and clean by protecting it from harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites-A must be needed in this pandemic scenario.

Duroflex Evoke 8 Inch PU Foam Single Size Bonnell Spring Mattress (Cream,78 x 30 inch):

Price: 13,103 INR 

This Duroflex foam mattress is made using bonnell springs which will provide firmness with minimal bounce integrated with soft foam to provide cushion to your body.  Experience the comfort of a king as the foam lets you sleep comfortably, which aligns your spine and improves blood circulation made with 3-zoned active NRG. The duroflex mattress is made up of sleep-enhancing carbon particles, which reduce the effect of negative ions. The anti-stress fabric helps you have a sound sleep and have a fresh start as you get up each morning.

Duraflex Pulse 6 Inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress (Grey, 72 x 60 inch): 

Price: 18,299 INR 

Sleep like never before with this duroflex high-performance memory foam. It is integrated with ortho foam and has a sturdy base that acts as a support layer. Besides the material being made up of quilted woven fabric, it is infused with the aroma of lavender which catalyzes your sleep.

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