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A Daikin AC is designed for an expected useful life of 15 years with an actual average of 20+ years. Their standard Warranty of 5 Years provides a solid level of protection and assurance of top-notch after-sales service to their customers.

Optional extended labour and parts warranties are also available for 5 to 10 years, depending on the models. If you are planning to purchase a Daikin AC model then visit Bajaj EMI Store for better deals.

Daikin is famous for raising the bar in the air conditioning industry for several reasons: 

Daikin is a Popular Choice in the air-conditioning industry:

For a vast section of the population, it is a necessary expenditure, especially during summer. These users will vouch that Daikin products have one priority: to make homes feel more comfortable than ever in an affordable way. Daikin Experts work together to design and implement innovative technologies. This way, the final product is long-lasting, high-performing, and highly efficient.

Exceptional After-sales Support:

To sell is good, but providing hassle-free and unparalleled customer support is a commitment that Daikin takes very seriously. Even after you have purchased a Daikin AC, stay assured that you will get your issues resolved and questions answered. Be it any assistance for repairs, maintenance, or other matters, Daikin customer support is famous for providing exceptional after-sales support.

Daikin AC offers cleaner air along with Cooling Benefits:

Daikin ACs not just provide cooling benefits but purifies your indoor air as well. Daikin relies on high-tech methodologies that lead to cleaner indoor air. A Daikin AC will come with good quality air purifying filters in them, and some Daikin AC models come equipped with an advanced filter that traps tiny dust particles and reduces odours in your home. If you want to purchase a top-selling Air Conditioner then visit Bajaj EMI Store and bring it home.

Whether you own a Daikin AC 1 Ton or multi-split air conditioner or any other Daikin AC models, Daikin believes maintenance should be an uncomplicated process and hassle-free experience.

How to Maintain Your Daikin AC

Take proper care of the outside unit:

To do that, all you need is a clean, soft cloth. Put a tiny amount of detergent in warm water. Mild detergent or natural products work best as they are gentler with less harmful chemicals. Use the wet cloth on the exterior of the outside unit to get rid of dirt and dust.

Turn the Daikin AC on and off Properly:

To turn off the power of your air conditioner unit, you should use the isolation switch. If you ever face any issues with your air conditioner, this very same switch would be the first thing you need to be aware of to resolve the problem. You may turn off the isolation switch for a minimum of 5 minutes to give the AC unit ample time to reset, and then switch it on. This primary reset option will fix minor issues for you within no time. If the problem persists, then reach out to customer support to arrange a service call request.

Ensure the System Has No Airflow Problems:

Airflow issues are a common issue with air conditioners. If filters are not cleaned regularly, it will reduce the airflow, or under a ducted system, if all the zones are turned on, this will also reduce the airflow since a zoned air conditioner isn’t designed to condition the entire house at one time.

Always Hire a Professional Technician:

A sure-fire way of enjoying the entire life of the air conditioner unit is to start right. You must let a professional and qualified technician handle your Daikin AC, especially during installation and regular servicing. A qualified professional Daikin AC technician will also guide you on what type and capacity of an air-conditioner is a good fit for your home. In addition, they will suggest where it should be installed and even share maintenance tips. This way, you can adequately take care of your Daikin AC, contributing to its longer lifespan.

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